post1 W3S3 [pəust US poust] n
2¦(postal system)¦
5¦(piece of wood/metal)¦
6¦(football/hockey etc)¦
8¦(soldier/guard etc)¦
9 border/military/customs/police post
11¦(internet message)¦
1.) ¦(JOB)¦ formal
a job, especially an important one in a large organization
I applied for the post and was asked to attend an interview.
She was offered the post of ambassador to India.
He will take up his post as Head of Modern Languages in September.
Goddard has held the post since 1998.
Unfortunately they were unable to find a suitable person to fill the post .
Mr Thomson resigned his £50,000 a year post in April.
She now holds a senior post in the Department of Education.
the creation of 4000 new teaching posts
see usage notejob
the post
BrE the official system for carrying letters, packages etc from one place to another
= ↑mail by post
The winners will be notified by post.
in the post
Your letter must have got lost in the post .
I'll put a copy of the book in the post (=send it) .
through the post
A parcel arrived through the post.
3.) ¦(LETTERS)¦[U]
BrE letters, packages etc that are sent and delivered
= ↑mail
Was there any post for me today?
Emma was opening her post .
4.) ¦(COLLECTION/DELIVERY)¦ [singular,U]
BrE when letters are collected or delivered
= ↑mail
What time does the post go (=get collected) ?
(the) first/second/last post
(=the first, second etc collection or delivery of letters each day)
Applications must arrive by first post on September 23.
catch/miss the post
(=post your letter in time for it to be collected, or not in time)
by return (of post) atreturn2 (11)
a strong upright piece of wood, metal etc that is fixed into the ground, especially to support something
a fence post
→↑bedpost, gatepost, ↑lamp-post, signpost1 (1)
one of the two upright pieces of wood between which players try to kick or hit the ball in football, ↑hockey etc
The ball hit the post and bounced off.
7.) ¦(NEWSPAPER)¦ [singular]
used in the names of some newspapers
the Washington Post
sb's post
the place where a soldier, guard etc is expected to be in order to do their job
at sb's post
By 5 am the soldiers were already at their posts.
No one was allowed to leave their post .
9.) border/military/customs/police post
a place, especially one on a border, where soldiers or police are guarding, checking etc something
the post also the finishing post
the place where a race finishes, especially a horse race
Mr Magic was first past the post .
11.) ¦(INTERNET MESSAGE)¦ also posting
a message sent to an Internet discussion group so that all members of the group can read it
There was post after post criticizing the Minister.
as deaf as a post atdeaf
be driven/passed from pillar to post atpillar
pip sb at the post atpip2 (1)
COLLOCATES for sense 1
apply for a post
offer somebody a post
appoint somebody to a post
take up a post (=start a new job)
hold a post (=have a job)
fill a post
resign (from) a post/leave a post
senior/junior post
teaching/administrative/government post
post 2
post2 S3 v [T]
2 post something through somebody's door/letter box
4¦(public notice)¦
6 keep somebody posted
7¦(profit/loss etc)¦
8¦(internet message)¦
9 be posted missing
10 post bail
1.) ¦(LETTER)¦
BrE to send a letter, package etc by post
= ↑mail
She's just gone to post a letter .
post sth (off) to sb
Did you remember to post the card to my parents?
post sb sth
I posted Barry the cheque last Friday.
2.) post sth through sb's door/letter box
BrE to push something through someone's ↑letterbox
I'll post the key through your letterbox when I leave.
3.) ¦(JOB)¦ [usually passive]
if you are posted somewhere, your employer sends you to work there, usually for several years
post sb to France/London etc
He joined the British Army and was posted to Germany.
post sb abroad/overseas
4.) ¦(PUBLIC NOTICE)¦ also post up
to put up a public notice about something on a wall or notice board
The exam results were posted on the bulletin board yesterday.
5.) ¦(GUARD)¦
to make someone be in a particular place in order to guard a building, check who enters or leaves a place, watch something etc
= ↑station
Guards were to be posted around nuclear power stations.
6.) keep sb posted
spoken to regularly tell someone the most recent news about something
keep somebody posted on
I'll keep you posted on his progress.
especially AmE to officially record and announce information about a company's financial situation or a country's economic situation
Cisco Systems posted record profits and sales for the third fiscal quarter.
to put a message or computer document on the Internet so that other people can see it
Could you post those new flyers on David's website?
9.) be posted missing
BrE if a soldier is posted missing, it is announced officially that they have disappeared
10.) post bail
law especially AmE to pay a specific amount of money in order to be allowed to leave prison before your ↑trial

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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